TMA1431 Creative Studio: Workflow- Home Studio

This weeks workflow lab we was joined by Jamie Collier, the photography technician at Huddersfield University. Being a photography student at BA level at Huddersfield I’ve had many previous lighting lessons from Jamie, therefore the techniques taught on the lecture I was already quite knowledgeable on. I’m also trying to stir away from studio settings due to continuously using the studio throughout BA. However, the concept of creating a studio at home was still something I found intriguing and I still decided to take part in creating a small set up using objects around my house and my iPhone. 

Masters, C. (2021). Birds in Home Studio. [photographs]

A technique I did however absolutely love and that i think could definitely apply into my project was the idea of using a grid to create a collection of imagery.  This is a technique i’m going to adopt in with my next shoot as it will help me to capture everything i need by planning the grid before hand. I have attached an image of my plan for the grid below. 

Masters, C. (2021). Image plan. [Drawing]

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