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All about photography

Hi there! 👋 

My name is Chloe Masters, I'm a 25 years young, West Yorkshire based Photographer. 

I first fell in love with photography in 2015. I had initially picked photography as a subject to study at Huddersfield new college. I had always had a small interest in photography but at that time chose the subject more as a way to balance out the more academic options I had also chosen (English and History). And thought it would just be a fun hobby to study along side my other studies. However I slowly began to realise, I had subconsciously found a passion for something and could potentially create a career out of this passion, if I worked hard enough. 

I think what I really love about photography is that it makes time stand still. You can always look back at a photo and get that same feeling you had in the moment. Photography is also be a great escapism tool, I like to say that I bring the thoughts in my head into a photographed reality, especially when I get the opportunity to collaborate on editorial shoots. The other obvious thing I love about photography, is being able to make people smile with my art. No matter what the job is, I love seeing how excited clients get when they receive the final photos.  

This love for all this photography is eventually what lead me to study at the University of Huddersfield. Where I completed 5 years in total (3 years at BA level, a year in industry as a photography assistant/retoucher and finally a masters degree).


  • First class BA (Hons) Photography Degree.
  • Deans Award for Profession Practice 2020.
  • Master of Arts in Photography 2021.
  • Former intern at Photography Works Photographic Studio.
  • 3 months professional retouch training at Box Photographic.

Photography Features

  • Dupe identity issue MAG 2020.
  • Pop Up exhibition @ Huddersfield Piazza centre 2020.
  • Make sense Magazine, 'Playground',  vol 8, Sept Issue 2021.
  • Hunter Magazine, 'The Villians colours', Oct issue 2021.

Since leaving university, I have photographed a multitude of weddings, birthdays, launch parties, proms, portraits... and I enjoyed every second. 

All about Chloe 

So beside photography what else do I do!

I wouldn't say I have many other Hobbies as such, but I can discuss how I love to spend my time outside of work...

I love attending festivals, my favourite music type is disco/house/soul. However, I don't have a dislike to any music genre and will literally dance to anything.

I love spending time with my friends and family (how cliche I know), this usually involves catching up over a wine and cheese night, long walks or shopping trips. 

I love to travel and try new food from different cultures. My most recent trip was Lisbon, Portugal and I would highly recommend a visit if you love seafood and to try the pastel de natas!

I love my cat, Tilly, She's a 22 year old Tabby and still going strong!

I sometimes (not always) enjoy the gym and have recently started going iceskating when I can, which was an old hobbie of mine.

I love to watch new series (literally any series with a good story line) and reality TV. I also really enjoy a long podcast, I'm a sucker for an easy watch or listen, I would love to be a reader but I'm a visual learner, so reading isn't my strong point. However, I also find having an interest into mainstream media helps me keep up to date with latest trends and topics, giving me and my clients something to discuss. But I'm pretty sure given the chance, I could talk to a brick wall. 

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