TMA1402: Shoot Day!

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Shoot day

Following on with the idea to create an outdoor fashion editorial to promote walk trails with Fashion communication Student Kirsty Meredith. We got in contact with two models who both had professional dancing backgrounds, we thought this would be an important aspect to the theme as we wanted the look of the images to represent freedom and movement outdoors and assumed dancer would be able to create better shapes with their bodies. 

Kirsty gathered fashion garments which showed the colour theme of our brand and  gathered material from Queensgate market to help link our project back to the original brief. This way we can not only promote mental health but also that the market has useful services located inside. 

meanwhile i searched for locations, visiting various walk trails around huddersfield such as Black moor foot, deer hill reservoir, castle hill, long wood edge. However found that the most suited location was Deans -head Reservoir located next to Huddersfields famous Scammondem- dam. 

We also hired makeup artist Macy Varnham to create bold and bright looks on the girls to further exaggerate creative expression in conjunction with the more dull colours of the background.  

The editorial images will be featured in the zine to draw attention to reading about the walk trails of Huddersfield but to also hopefully inspire other creatives to use their everyday surroundings as backdrops and get creative/ think outside the box when it comes to creating work. 

Instagram profiles and project credits

Photographer @_cmastersphotos

Stylist @kirstymeredith_

MUA @macymua_luxe

models @_chlomad @maddielawton

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