TMA1402: concept development

Creative + innovation and entrepreneurship

Concept Development- Temporary Contemporary 

With the concept of the project to intervene with regenerating the community’s
attention to Queensgate market within Huddersfield. One of the councils many
project proposals to encourage the art and culture back into Huddersfield’s
town centre. Our first instinct as a group was to create a creative direction,
we could approach that would both play to our strengths and lead to the growth
of art and culture in Huddersfield’s town centre.

By reading book ‘temporary contemporary’ I gained insight into the concept of
‘place-based making’ and how it can bring opportunity for active creative
practice and create a community space for like-minded creative individuals to
express work and ideas. Within the book it shows 17 exhibitions which have
taken place within the market’s gallery spaces provided by the council/
Queensgate market. All of which have been curated by staff members and
postgraduate students of the art, design and architecture school at university
of Huddersfield. These exhibitions generate opportunities to connect with other
artists and have previously generated opportunities for local artisan retailers
like magic rock brewery and KWAS wine shop and bar.

Said exhibitions can be accessed
and viewed with the following link: 

a group development from looking at how Huddersfield University has contributed
to the growth of art and culture within Huddersfield, we decided to start
looking into the skills provided by each member of the group and pitched
together themes we were keen to explore. We decided that the most relevant of
topics to explore would be COVID-19 and identity during this time period. This
is something most people can relate to at the moment and is a topic that is
still open to research and interpretation especially within the creative

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