POP UP Exhibition @ Huddersfield Piazza Center

To prepare the year for our final year degree exhibition, we organised an off campus exhibition in Huddersfield Piazza Centre. The exhibition was really beneficial for the whole year as we got to experiment with practicing how we would want to display our final pieces. For me this exhibition was important as i gained knowledge on how many factors are needed to take into consideration when choosing a final image, from preparing the print, paper types, print exposures, retouch perfecting and mounting the images.

The Image i choose to exhibit was a piece i had not yet shown, the work was beauty based collaboration with make up artist Macy Varnham. I wanted to showcase this piece as i am working towards producing imagery that are good enough to be on covers of magazines or advertisements. I choose to scale the image A1 sized as images used in the advertisement industry are usually blown up on a larger scale, such as billboards. I used a semi gloss paper finish to give the image shine and a more glamorous approach, however i am now interested to see how the images would look on a matte finish paper. 

pop up exhibition gave me time to reflect on my own work and appreciate successes
of myself and my peers. I gained ideas as to how I may want to take the
directions of my work for the final exhibition, below are some bullet points of final exhibition ideas inspired by the pop up after research into other ideas;

print A0 sized canvas

depth of field in my fashion and beauty work

box to show case large print

box shaped designed like a hard-back book full of my portfolio imagery (see below)

Laura Joy Portfolio box

Laura Joy Portfolio box

I would also add a collection of magazine samples I have collected from the fashion students featuring work i have produced for them in physical form, helping to show evidence to those at the exhibition of how my work will be used in industry.

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