TMA1431 Creative Studio: Trans-disciplinary studio

For week one was introduced to a passage from Alex Coles book
(link below), based on the Studio of Olafur Eliasson, whose studio consists of multiple discourse workers. To first understand what this text was about, I needed to first understand ‘Transdisciplinary studio’ this simply means; a space which helps to create work, relating to more than one branch of knowledge. It is overall a collaboration of multiple artist which collectively make a whole. This relates a lot to the way I work, as being a commercial photographer i am always mixing with stylists, MUAs, Graphic designers in order to create the best outcomes for the final shoot concept. 
This lecture has helped to explain in what direction this
module will take place and how I can adapt each seminar to relate to my
practice or to brainstorm ideas. From just being in the space (on the meeting) and listening and reviewing other creatives thought process, hopefully it will help me to reimagine my way of developing work and inspire a more creative direction I can take my commercial style. 


The downfall to this process is that currently collaborating
in a space is unavailable due to Covid-19, however again this is something i can use to my advantage within my work, by using it as a motive to get creative with my development of my project. 

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