TMA1431 Creative Studio: Crit Reviw Week 6

At the beginning of this term I mentioned I am interested in looking at older processes of photography. This is to help my understanding of exposure more and to help me slow down my process and really think about composition when Im shooting. The first process I have choose to explore is cyanotypes. This process involves taking a stencil or image on clear film and placing onto paper that has been covered in cyanotype chemicals that are sensitive to UV. Then when placed within the sun, depending on how long the image has been exposed, once the stencil or clear film has been removed a pattern or image should be left. The paper is then rinsed with water which reveals a blue ink.

For my attempt I firstly used a stencil of a Chinese emblem And once i got the process to be successful and understood how long the exposure needed, I proceeded the process with my own fashion imagery on Clear film. (pictured below). 

Masters C (2021). Cyanotype stencil [Photograph].

Masters C (2021). Cyanotype Clear Film [Photograph].

I’m not as of yet sure how this process will fit within my project, I could possibly do a page each within the magazine for each sport of a cyanotype process, promoting people to try the process themselves. However, regardless it has been an interesting experience in bringing me confidence of trying new processes of photography and is something I will continue to explore. 

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