TMA1402: Rethinking my approach

Creative + innovation and entrepreneurship

New approach

After discussing our present ideas with a PowerPoint and receiving feedback from both Roddy and Simon, it was clear there was some elements to our work that was
missing. Roddy mentioned how although our projects ideas were interesting they
didn’t link together seamlessly enough to combine as a group. Simon mentioned
the idea of creating a zine to help bring all our work together and it is from
here we decided that isolated minds would not only be an online presence but
also a publication.

With this in mind I started to reflect onto how my work could connect and
collaborate with others within the group. Although my initial idea was on
brand, I decided that in order to become a collective I needed to engage more
with my peers.

It was only from taking daily walks myself that I then discovered my next idea. I initially had begun taking images on my daily walks of the landscapes and beautiful
scenery around Huddersfield and began wondering why this wasn’t highlighted
more as a town. Being from Huddersfield I know lots of spots worth the walk and usually use my walks as opportunity to find shoot locations.
From here the idea came to merge both my commercial practice and my love of the
only daily activity allowed during lockdown to create an editorial which could
be released into the zine. 

From here i asked if anyone would be interested in collaborating with me on an editorial shoot.Tasha and Kirsty both agreed that they would love to collaborate as this would benefit their practices also for the project. 

The landscape images I took of the location would be sent to Tasha for her to draw into colouring pages, whereas Kirsty would help me with sourcing models and fashion garments to create a high editorial fashion imagery on the walking trails, helping to draw attention to the walk trails with two creative outlooks hopefully reaching a broader target audience to read our article on the daily walk. By promoting walk trails around Kirklees, hopefully we can help to get people out of the house and get creative themselves, boosting productivity, helping to encourage better mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.

I will still be continuing with my NHS project as I believe this could be and still is
an important aspect of COVID-19 which I would like to address. However it will not be included inside the zine. 

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