TMA1402: Name and logo

Creative + innovation and entrepreneurship

Name and Logo

After this week’s meeting with the group the focus was to find a group identity and
brand. We collectively came to the agreement of the name ‘isolated minds’ which
we think fits perfectly on brand, with the groups main values being identity and mental
health issues during lockdown. It represents the idea of people being isolated
and how their mindsets change during this time and creates a revolutionary
theme of creatives breaking the cycle of uninspired minds during COVID-19.

Now we have the name, we needed colour themes and logo branding. Illustration artistTasha presented her illustration of a multicoloured brain which we thought fit
perfectly with the name of the brand, and also represented how our team focuses on mental health. Fashion Communication student Kirsty then went on to produce colour branding and incorporated the two to combine our final brand identity.

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