TMA1402: Lock down 2- social media approach

Creative + innovation and entrepreneurship

With lockdown two hitting the UK our plans of creating a psychical exhibition
instantly became void. With this in mind we now had to rethink our vision as to
how isolated minds could be developed. With the sole purpose of isolated minds to
help people be inspired and bring together the creative community we decided
that an online presence was the first step to making ourselves known.

We came up with the idea of creating an Instagram, in which artists can send in work
to be featured on the page and be shared to other like-minded creatives, helping
to hopefully inspire and connect artists around the UK or even further, if
possible. Are presence online has become our strongest asset so far, helping to
make people feel less alone in isolation by posting frequent positive quotes
and sharing work from creatives to celebrate the progress. We have had a great
response of people from all fields of art and design eager to showcase their
work and believe this is something that we can not only submit for our group
work but continue after the submission to keep spreading positivity. Our link
back to the market for this will be by attaching QR codes around the market
stalls in which people will be lad to our online platforms and virtual market
spaces in which they can interact and view with other artists and creatives.

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