Pablo Antoli - Guest Lecture

Pablo Antoli is a commercial photographer who specialises in food photography. Antoli has a love for travel and culture and trys best to include this passion into his images when working. From doing this he not only follows a brief but creates a narrative within his work, which is what really makes his work stand out from others. 

Antoli was kind enough to come to the university and give a studio tutorial on his process from start to finish of a shoot. He shared his knowledge of his preferred camera equipment to use, lighting set up for specific genres, his set up and process of workflow through capture one and post production. He also expressed how experience is the key to progressing to the next level, and how much assisting in the earlier years of his career really helped him, to gain valuable knowledge on workflows and techniques  as well as gaining connections with other creatives for his career. 

Antoli’s advise was extremely helpful from my practice, as i aspire to go down the commercial route. It was helpful to gain tips on thinking about how to express your own personality through your images and to gain equipment information that i will need to help benefit my own work. 

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