New MA Project Concept 2021

Retracing my steps

After researching artists and revisiting concepts  i would want to apply into my own work throughout my MA. I picked up on key terms and themes of work to help progress my project idea. I have started by listing three main points i 100% want to cover with my within my work. 

  • Fashion Photography
  • Social Issues
  • And narrative.

I have also constructed a mind map of topics or themes i would be interested to explore. 

Back story

From here my intentions were to apply methods taught from the module in the previous term to look at my current surroundings and situation at hand, to help narrow down what it is i am truly passionate about. This overall has led me onto my new project, which is a reaction of COVID-19. 

Something i discovered throughout lock down is how important sport and psychical fitness is as a part of my life. I have constantly grown up playing sport or doing psychical activity for example Dance and iceskating from a young age, leading into cheerleading and the gym during my time at university. I have always assumed that  my passions lied with photography and fashion, and that sport was just a pass time for me to keep healthy. However once the choice to participate in sport was taken away from me during lockdown, i saw a rapid decrease in my mental health and that my interests into what i assumed were my passions almost began to disappear. 

Project introduction

This has initiated my new project ‘selling the dream’ which explores the idea of fashion as an expression in conjunction with sport as an escapism. Which will be developed into a series of advertisement campaigns, that aim to promote the importance of self-expression. This project will investigate stereotypes and fashion trend forecasting, with the intent to highlight social topics such as Gender and Race, as an influence onto the fashion community and the sports industry as a whole. With the projects aim to discuss inclusivity, i would like a comedic or abstract outlook on my images, almost mocking conventional fashion advertisement, to spread a message of resistance to the ‘norms’ of society.  

Masters,C. (2020). initial Freedom Fashion mood-board. [collage]

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