TMA1433 Professional Platforms- Mini Zine on me

Mini Zine on Me

For this weeks task we was asked by Lecturer Anneke to produce a zine which helped to explain our practice. The zine i created was produced in the style of a brochure, as i feel its easy to navigate and allows me enough space to explain both sides to my practice (commercial vs events work). 

The choice of cover for my work, was based on what i consider to be the most eye catching image of my portraiture work and captures the style of work i like producing the most. Although it may not target towards my events clients, it is eye catching enough that people would hopefully pick up the zine to have a glance and through this find that i do also make work which may possible suit them. 

Within the zine i have also discussed my MA  starting point for my research into my final major project, to give insight as to what i would like to discover from my MA. Fantasy photography and escapism is an element i have always wanted to experiment into my fashion work. As well as this with social issues being at the for front of the media and with it being more and more common for creatives to challenges these subjects through their work, this is something i also feel passionate about doing within my own practice. I have previously made work relating to such topics such as the cover of this zine, which actually was a reaction to girls using instagram filters and unrealistic expectations of girls influenced by social media platforms. 

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