TMA1431 Creative Studio: Micro project- Dynamic Lines

From creative studios workshop last Friday based on drawing, it really got me thinking about my very first introduction into photography, and how the concept of dynamic lines was always pushed onto us as a rule to follow or at-least explore. 

Dynamic lines within photography is essentially the idea of using shapes within the frame to direct the viewers eye around or to a focal point within the frame. This is usually subconsciously done without thinking in most photographers work, however if thought out before hand it can really enhance the visual representation of your work. It is almost like drawing out a system for the viewers eyes to follow, Making the image overall more aesthetically pleasing. 

For this micro project I want to revisit the idea of focusing on dynamic lines, wether that be man made or natural occurrence. As i think drawing and dynamic lines go hand in hand when depicting an image, and will overall help me to revisit what makes a strong composition. To do this i will revisit images I have taken and draw out were I believe dynamic lines exist in directing a viewer around my images. 

To help start, I read through Eric Kims newsletter ‘introduction to Dynamic Photography composition’ which explores the word Dynamic and its meaning as well as examples of how Dynamic is used in other realms than just photography. Eric then gives examples to how Dynamic is then used in composition helping me to start constructing and thinking about my own compositions of my work.


E Kim (2021). Dynamic [Illustration ]. Eric Kim Photography.

E Kim (2021). Dynamic reflections [Photograph]. Eric Kim Photography.

Below is my own take onto drawing dynamic lines within my own images, the arrows show which direction viewers my potentially directed around the frame. the circles show potential focal points, which differ depending on where your directed personally and lighting of the frame. The lines on image 5 in the sky represent negative space which also force the viewers eyes down the frame. 

Image 1-5: Masters C (2017). Bridlington [Photograph].

After revisiting the concept of compositions, I have also began thinking about how I can manipulate compositions within photoshop with the use of layers or illustration to create more surreal looking imagery. This will potentially be my next exploration for a micro project. 

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