Hung up on festival season- Alice FMP(product)

Alice Liddel is in her final year of fashion communication and is producing a project based on festival wear. Alice contacted me in need of her FMP project shooting but unfortunately our shoot got cancelled due to COVID-19. However i wanted to try and help where possible and discussed with Alice possible ways to shoot. Although i was unable to shoot modelled fashion (no models available due to lockdown), we came to the conclusion product could be an option and i was more than happy to try. 

I began by researching outdoor fashion product shoots and gaining inspiration. I only have a small space to work with in my garden as i live in a cottage however i decided that it was big enough space to get creative with the resources i had and would stop me moping around during lockdown. 

At first i begin by laying items on the floor and using the white sheet as a background however i was unhappy with how the images were turning out, as i didn’t have a tripod to steady my camera for over head shots, creating really strange angles. I then thought about hanging them on the washing line but the wind made it hard to shoot and the background captured houses and bins etc in the background, which i didn’t like. 

From their i thought about how i could block out the background, as well as keep the items hung on the washing line and decided to add the sheet white as a backdrop.

I shot the images from an upwards angle to help capture the void of anything but the sky and the products, which ended up creating a vibrant summer theme to my images.

 I used one flash gun on a stand with a white umbrella to defuse the flash and spread light so it wasn’t over exposed but helped to smooth out creases that were visible and make the images soft rather than harsh light. 

For the shoes i originally struggling shooting as they were not giving the same life like feel as the clothes on the washing line. But eventually i came up with the idea to have my mum model the shoes, included the white backdrop to help tie everything together as an outfit. 

The shoot eventually turned out well and actually created an ironic narrative, as it was as though the clothes were pegged to the line and not allowed out (much like lockdown as were all stuck inside so are the clothes now). The shoot ended up not only working for Alices FMP project but starting my own project on styling in quarantine, which i will be continuing after deadlines. 

Overall this shoot kept up my moral for my work and showed you can make use of a bad situation. For anyone that is struggling in this period to try to get creative, think outside the box and trail and error new ideas. It may not work out the first time (mine certainly didn’t) but its helps to keep you busy and you may accidentally stumble on a really good idea or even try to plan shoots for the post lockdown if possible.

Hope everyones safe and well, Thanks for reading!

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