Boys cry

For this shoot i was contacted my business student Dominika biela. Domi wanted to create a editorial studio images challenging male stereotypes in society. 

The brief key themes

  • comical twist 
  • sensitive 
  • stereotypical female roles or activities 

Often boys are made to feel as though they should fit in to this very masculine box and show no emotion. The male suicide sky rockets the female rate, due to these pressure of society telling them how they should be and although this shoot may be a light hearted approach to the topic, it still helps to shed light onto the issues of todays society and helps spread awareness that you are free to enjoy what you want and your gender does not define this. It is  completely normal to show and feel emotion, as we are all only human. Although i think its really sad that this still has to be addressed, I am aware that slowly society is changing to accept that gender roles no longer apply in the modern world and you can be free to express yourself in any form you want. 

I think Domis topic is really important in todays society and i am looking to incorporate these images into some form of campaign imagery myself once university finishes (with Domis permission of course). 

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