Arpita Shah: Nalini - Impressions Gallery Bradford

Arpita Shah’s work ‘Nalini’ named after her grandmother, focuses on the connection of her mother, grandmother and family with their heritage. 

By searching through archives Shah explores migration, distance, loss and how it has impacted her heritage. Shah now living in Scotland was born in India however grew up in Saudi Arabia and Ireland, uses photography to explore the complexity of cultures and how living in different regions has resulted in distant connections to her birthplace and uses her project ‘Nalini” to connect parallels between the women in her family. 

The colour palette seen in the series consists of subtle green, blue and pinks, creating a airy and dreamlike atmosphere to her imagery. ‘Nalini’ actually translates to ‘lotus’, which is a symbol of purity, femininity and fertility within the hindu culture, which may possibly be the reasoning behind the choice of colour palette. 

Although Shahs work does not relate to my practice i am still able to take influence from the exhibition space. for example, the use of objects connecting to the image series and to be aware of my colour palette when creating imagery, to help link it to the subject matter. Shah’s work is a beautiful series of work and i look more to seeing more of her work.

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