1-2-1 with Rachel Brown : Photo Director of Harpers Bazaar

On 22/04/2020 i was fortunate enough to have a very exciting zoom meeting with Rachel Brown, Photo director of Harpers Bazaar. Prior to the meeting i had sent Rachel my portfolio via PDF to review, with a bit of background as to who i am and what my project is about. 

Rachel was impressed by my images so far and commented on my ability to sequence my images and create a clear narrative and visual series with my commercial practice (this was nice to hear as no one had commented on this before and it was not something i had thought about prior to my talk with Rachel). She told me that some of images were up to industry standard and that one image specifically magazines like Harpers Bazaar would love to use (playboy ‘clones’ image). She expressed i should keep going, as my work was progressing well and commented that my lighting range within my portfolio, showed i was keen to experiment with techniques and executed them well. A main point she added was the introduction of product helped create a wider range of experience to send to employers. 

Rachel also took a look through my website and commented the layout was very professional.

Rachel gave me advice as where to go post graduation with my practice and explained that with my portfolio, there were many routes within the industry i could choose such as;

  • Reoutcher
  • Photo director 
  • Freelancer
  • Assistant 
  • Photography journalism 
  • Working for fashion companies
  • Production of magazines

Rachel helped to reassure me i was on the right track and that i have many options after university, which calmed my nerves. She explained that photography is a slow process but worth the work if your dedicated, and advised i get experience in industry before going freelance. 

She advised me for now to start applying for any job in the industry, as even smaller job could lead onto bigger and better jobs And all experience is necessary, to further knowledge of the field. 

One series of my work Rachel was most impressed with and encouraged me to continue, was my product series ‘hung up on festival fashion’. Rachel expressed she thought it was a really good narrative and incorporated both fashion and product together well, as well as highlighting the current pandemic of COVID-19 in a comical way. After the zoom meeting Rachel also posted my Instagram post onto her Instagram story which made me over joyed, as it was clarification from someone high up in the industry and that I’m on the right track with my career and producing a good standard of work.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to speak with Rachel and hope to stay in touch with her, as her advice was very beneficial for my progression onto the next stage of my career.

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